Monday, October 25, 2010

Retail: international and domestic giants play the attacking football

For quick access to, or rapid increase market share, foreign retailers willing to pay a higher premium to buy some that have established inter-regional network of company stores

End of the year 2006, Trust-Mart headquarters in Guangzhou supermarkets Tangxia are selected on the promoters of milk Ivy customer is always hard to recommend indifferent.

"Price swing, this week discount prices the next week." Ivy in IT industry, said she knew the news of Wal-Mart's acquisition of Trust-Mart, but also to understand the strength of Wal-Mart, the world number one, but she most want to get better and more assured of goods. "I like Carrefour and PNS can be a PNS in recent days, Hebei, Carrefour in the village on, I had no choice."

Like many consumers, like Ivy, like, in fact, 2006 sales will reach 350 billion U.S. dollars in Wal-Mart's acquisition of a sale of only 13.5 billion yuan last year, the Trust-Mart, for whom may not have much impact, but in the retail market, which the deal because of the "China market" the key words and concern.

Expansion of the theme

November 2006, total retail sales of social consumer goods in China 682.2 billion yuan, compared with 14.1% growth in same month last year. "The Americans brought China, immediately think of gold opportunities." United States, a venture capital firm's Chinese partner. If the acquisition of Trust-Mart and Wal-Mart, not only will the Chinese market pie, but also the opportunity to beat their biggest rivals in overseas markets Carrefour.

The beginning, it gave "M" This act Lenovo various lively face. Now, the face reappeared behind Tesco (tesco). The UK's largest retailer finally can not stand Wal-Mart, Carrefour, two from Europe and the United States of giant dinosaurs in the Chinese market, "wantonly trampled", before to 180 million pounds (about 350 million U.S. dollars) to support the cost of some Tesco shares to expand from 50% to 90%. What participants from the spectators transfiguration.

"Expansion of the retail industry is still an investment theme in 2007." Huatai Securities analyst Dong Hongyu Co., Ltd. in its latest research report so expressed. And support his reasons for this view is the macro business environment in 2006 remained robust retail.

"In order to quickly enter or rapid increase market share, foreign retailers willing to pay a higher premium to buy those stores on a certain cross-regional network company. Thanks to their capital strength, but also their in China cross-regional market is more optimal operational capacity. "Hua-Jun Huang, president of South China Business Network, said this trend will intensify in 2007, which will further demonstrate the strength of transnational corporations across the region.

Local businesses to expand in various ways, have also recently formed a regional leader in retail business, such as Brilliance Group, shares and other large companies. With the regional leading enterprises in the region in which the continuous expansion in the region of decreasing resources available to set up shop, the regional leading enterprises also went out of the national expansion of the road. In 2006, the largest New Town Plaza, the acquisition of Qingdao, Shandong Scholar Group, the people of department stores, supermarkets and so on Supply Chain Management acquire from the mountain, in 2007 this trend will become increasingly evident.

However, be cautious that, because China consumer spending habits in different areas of difference and advantage of the resources and experience weaker regional leading companies from outside Kuo Zhang, in particular a number of new stores Wang Wang will Mianlin adverse factors currently it is very difficult to see that domestic retail enterprises operating outside the headquarters can take the first ground. Therefore, how to handle outside the expansion of regional leading enterprises will be key issues for future development.

Investment focus

Specialty store and department store chain

In 2006, total retail sales of social consumer goods in China than in February by the New Year ahead of the fallout of lower growth factors, the remaining months maintained a rapid growth rate, and start from July, the growth rate on the rise. The Chinese government has recently made clear in the work plan properly handle the investment and consumption, the proportion in the national economy, increase the proportion of consumers in the national economy. Therefore, the long term, the development of the retail industry continues to face a good policy environment.

McKinsey Global Institute's latest research shows that in the next 20 years, real spending power of Chinese cities from 3.7 trillion yuan in 2005 rose to 19.2 trillion yuan in 2025, after Japan and China will become United States, the world's third-largest consumer market.

McKinsey expects housing, health care, entertainment, education, and transportation and communication will be the flexibility of the highest growth rate of consumer goods in the four product categories, including transportation and communication of the average annual growth rate of 10%, entertainment and education 9.7%, housing and utilities was 11.7%, pocket health care spending growth rate will reach 12%.

GF Securities senior analyst Ou Yafei in a research report that, by 2006 9 months 1000 the core retail business the latest data show, specialty, department stores, large supermarkets were up 17.3%, 16.2% and 13.6%. Based on this, the investment focus in 2007 will fall specialty store and department store chain industry.

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Digital China to enhance profitability yet ready to fight a protracted war

Recently, Digital China announced first-quarter results in 2006, Digital China IT services grew more than 20% market share ranks third, behind IBM, Hewlett-Packard. Digital 20 billion in dollar sales revenue, IT services, the "star service" only 6.2 billion, not contributing its due share.

To the nation's largest IT systems integrator as split out from the Lenovo Digital China, in 2002 announced a transformation of IT services. Distribution business in the hope to find a bigger profit, "Blue Ocean."

China's IT services market presents tremendous opportunities, but does not represent a huge market opportunity for profit and revenue. Lenovo started with the times compared to the traditional distribution business, restructuring IT services are Digital China, an "adventure." Digital agency with more than 10 international brands of products distribution business in 2006 grew by over 170%. China IT services market still in its infancy, there are data, IBM, the world's largest IT services companies in China's market share of 4.2%, however.

Some experts think the domestic market and the user needs to understand and grasp that Digital China and other advantages of domestic firms, but provides overall consulting services are still dominated by IBM and other multinational companies. So, faced with competition in IT services, IT services, Digital still need to increase investment.

"IT services are split after the development of business associations, at the input of the current task is bigger and stronger, not profit." President and CEO of Digital China, said Guo Wei, "From market share, enterprise competitiveness and all aspects of customer value perspective, Digital China IT Services to the successful transformation, IT services business of some of their profits into research and development and business development is the main reason for net profit growth is not obvious. "

He said Digital China IT Services will continue as a strategic development goals.

Compared with the distribution, Digital China's IT services business net profit margin high, more than 10% (sales of 620 million Hong Kong dollars, the profit 63 million Hong Kong dollars), with IBM, Hewlett-Packard little difference. This also shows that the "Digital transition to a service line of thought right." An industry source said.

The right idea can not explain the success of Digital China in transition has been. IBM and HP, whether profit or sales are greater than Digital. The future may compete with these two giants of the domestic IT services company, Digital China to adhere to in the end in transition, still face the test of strength and endurance.

CCW Research senior analyst Caokai Bin said: "IT service management level and large-scale test of the viability of domestic enterprises is the key to Digital scale operation should be more emphasis on ability."

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2010 Breakthrough into a 2D game or turning point

By the end of 2009, several game companies have introduced products 2D games. And the 2009 flooding into 3D online games online game company will fall into the situation of the market compared to more rational in 2010 each company. There are indications that 2010 will come to an end 3D games, 2D games will lead to open boutique in the market.

In 2009, missed the 2D market

"2D online games become less and less." From playing online games in 2000 started the Wang Bo (a pseudonym) is a pity. Wang Bo told reporters that he came into contact with figures from the text graphical MUD game, then "Legend" series, "journey" of these very famous game he played, but not less input energy. But that is one thing - can not play full view 3D online games.

"Used simple 2D graphics and gaming style, 3D people dizzy." Wang Bo said. He told reporters, in fact, the domestic players, or even made a 2D game. "Look at Tencent's DNF (underground city with the Warriors) to know why the fire was." Wangpo analysis, DNF is in the "Legend" and "journey" began to decline when the player receives a great number of 2D. However, he stressed that he is more looking forward to a 2DARPG types of games there, he was playing "Legend" and "journey" Many friends in the "idle" state, they have yet to find a suitable for your 2DARPG game.

At present, the online operations of NetEase, "Journey to the West" series, and famous for decades, the grand "Legend", giants "journey" in the online game segments, the former for the turn-based games, the latter two are ARPG. One Netease's "Fantasy Westward Journey" has a record total of 238 million online domestic record. 2D game market is quite substantial.

Wang Bo told reporters that the company is now online games in general to "the same old stuff" in the form of 2D game development, light "Legend" series of games is not under paragraph 45, "the journey" is a simple renovation to recall the old players In fact, the game content is the same. Market, lack of innovative 2D online games.

Who is the next "journey"?

Who is the next "journey"? Similar problem has been mentioned many times.

2006 "journey" beta, the influx of millions of players to the game which, Shi Yuzhu and his giant company with 2DARPG game "journey" for the benefit of writing a myth, a year after the successful landing giant NYSE, a Online Games achievements of the Shi Yuzhu the third successful venture, and the giant company's rapid rise. More importantly, 2D 3D gaming market will be replaced by the negative tone was gone.

The industry believes that "journey" is the marketing success of the game, breaking free of conventional patterns and precise positioning for the main 23 cities this product a lot of extra points. At the same time, 2D product type is considered the most suitable type of local players of the game.

"Domestic online game starts," Legend, "" Legend "mode a great impact on domestic players, especially the 23 city players, they are more willing to accept the inherent game mode, which is why many foreign large 3D products visit China died soon after the cause. "channel of a director of Road Games. He also said that Chinese players in the distribution of the traditional "countryside surrounding cities", the figures show that Internet cafe users in rural areas the proportion of use of online games 43.5%, 41.8% higher than in urban areas. Even so, more and more domestic online game developer has not been able to bring the country 2D gamers a satisfactory report. According to statistics, in 2009 than in previous years has been to market products decreased slightly, but mostly to 3D and 2.5D. 2D market is seriously neglected.

The source said: "In recent years, major online game companies are actively layout 3D and 2.5D products, upcoming 3D ready to seize the market share of products that follow the trend of the phenomenon do not give them the expected success . "

According to sources, several well-known 3D products this year, in addition to NetEase, "World II," melted down a success, "Aion", "Jian Wang triplet" and other gaming products failed to meet its objectives.

2D brand new opportunity to intervene

With 200 new games each year the introduction of speed, online games market segments to enter the competition.

"10 years ago only 10 games on the market compared to the situation, more and more players, the choices available, with the group of domestic players mature, the game used to have stabilized." Industry in their analysis.

Blue Hong Kong online game producer Zhang Yuyu CTO and said: "The" Legend "," journey ", the domestic market there exists 2D blank, no new brand to fill, which allows players to a small range of options, the trade company 2D paid insufficient attention to the players. "for the industry in recent years, serious" partial subjects "of the situation, Zhang Yuyu said:" We see dimly in the 2D market two years ago, the opportunity to grasp this opportunity now find very accurate, several domestic big game development companies are actively deploying 2D products, intended to seize the air for a long time schedule. "

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Huawei "million employees to resign," Who really hurt?

Will be January 1, 2008 the formal implementation of the new "Labor Contract Law" has not yet entered into force, its resulting impact on the business and are already ahead of shock, "fermentation." The well-known high-tech private enterprise Huawei recent initiatives to large-scale layoffs, once again raises a number of enterprises to circumvent the new "Labor Contract Law" of the constraints imposed in advance "lose out" concerns.

According to relevant reports, including Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, including CEOs of all employees at least eight years Huawei, New Year's Day in 2008 resign before the procedure to be handled, and then signed with 1 to 3 years of the contract. The conservative estimate, according to media, staff involved should be "thousands to a million people." This first "resign" and then "competition" approach, not only within the Huawei has caused a tremendous shock, but also for other like-minded businesses to play a "demonstration" role. In fact, Huawei's large-scale reduction of the practice of older employees is not unique to this one, even early in the new "Labor Contract Law" before the adoption of many foreign and private enterprises brainer, such as the end of June this year, LG's China has a large number of 5 10-year dismissal, Global Sources has been in the similar operations in late August. Huawei is now once again blowing in the internal "kill mature" style, its purpose is to remove under the new labor law should bear the economic and legal liability, reduce the compensation for dismissal of employees. Because under the new law: meet the requirements of continuous work for 10 years or continuous set of secondary conditions, such as a fixed term labor contract, the employer should be signed with the workers without a fixed term labor contract.

There is no doubt that this incident the first to suffer are those for the enterprise made great contributions to the development of the old staff. Objectively speaking, the human resources, Huawei is a relatively large adjustment, careful arrangements, the old staff compensation also reasonable, at least shows a giant Huawei as the share of basic duties. But the worry is that, many private enterprises and foreign companies rush to implement the new labor law before the act of mass layoffs, not to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees first, do not consider the social stability and unity . This phenomenon inevitably spread to a number of state-owned enterprises or institutions, many business leaders are more or less reveal the "New Year's Day before the dismissal of older employees, reduce the unit burden" idea, and the resulting variety of complaints have shown a rising trend.

In fact, business is not the ultimate winner of this game. Some companies mistakenly believe that, as soon as possible dismissal of older employees, on the one hand to avoid the need for next year's new labor law, on the other hand to re-stimulate the vitality of enterprises, improve the enterprise's innovation. In fact, this is totally a misconception. According to human capital theory, development of an enterprise depends on the internal human capital stock, the employees length of service longer because with more practice and experience, employees are often more than the new human capital. This is the most typical of the lifetime employment system in Japan. The results show that lifetime employment system is the enterprise labor relations balance both career staff provide solid assurance to make employees feel at ease their jobs; is that the enterprises an effective means of raising labor productivity. Because of the job guarantee, the staff more willing to devote their energies to learning with the business or their job-related knowledge, and constantly improve their professional level, so as to enhance business productivity. Many experts even assert that it is this long-term employment system to ensure Japan's economic take-off and corporate growth.

In essence, long-term or non-fixed term labor contract is the construction of harmonious labor relations as an important foundation. It is also based on this consideration, the new labor law tried to play through the internal structure of these terms of long-term or non-fixed term labor contract employment system, to guide employers and employees signed a long-term labor contract or labor contract without a fixed term, to promote the long-term or no fixed-term labor contracts in China to promote and popularize. Long-term development of employers, no fixed term labor contract, if used properly, can also give the employer brings to attract talent, retain talent, motivate employees, enhance team cohesion and other effects.

Although the legal point of view, the behavior of Huawei impeccable. However, the externalities generated by the event of view, the obvious negative effect of the majority. Because an enterprise is not just to pursue their own interests to maximize the economic actors, too, should be the carrier of social responsibility initiative. Any lack of corporate social responsibility, not only difficult to gather the centripetal force within the enterprise, increase employee loyalty, the external reputation of the enterprise will be adversely affected. And these are precisely the compensation money is difficult.

Therefore, when the company standing obligations and responsibilities under the law before, should not be first thought was how to avoid and neglect, but should take the initiative to undertake and perform, this is a modern enterprise to build a harmonious society and a harmonious labor relationship qualified respondents. (The author is a postdoctoral Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Economy)

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OEE overall equipment efficiency

OEE overall equipment efficiency is a simple and practical production management tools in the manufacturing sector in Europe and the United States has been widely used index of overall equipment efficiency has become an important measure of production efficiency standards, is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is an important practices.涓轰簡鎺ㄥ姩鎴戝浗宸ヤ笟淇℃伅鍖栫殑杩涚▼锛屽湪鎴戝浗鎺ㄥ箍OEE鐨勭鐞嗙悊蹇碉紝浠庤?浣挎洿澶氫紒涓氬彈鐩婏紝鐗规挵鍐欐鏂囥? This article discusses the concept of OEE and its role.

聽聽聽 1銆佸紩 鍏?br />
With the increasingly fierce market competition, the manufacturer is to have sustainable access to high economic efficiency, maximize and improve the mining

聽聽聽 鐢熶骇杞﹂棿鐨勭敓浜ф晥鐜囨樉寰楁瀬鍏堕噸瑕侊紝鍦ㄦ煇浜涙柟闈紝瀹冪敋鑷虫垚涓轰紒涓氭槸鍚﹀彲浠ヨ耽鍒╃殑鍐冲畾鎬у洜绱犮? However, the manufacturing industry, the seemingly well-functioning production plant does not actually work to the best possible equipment and the value of the operator there is a big improvement, it gives the company tremendous loss. To solve this problem, the international manufacturing industry is concerned the efficiency of the global device (OEE) concept.

2, OEE definition

聽聽聽 涓?埇锛屾瘡涓?釜鐢熶骇璁惧閮芥湁鑷繁鐨勬渶澶х悊璁轰骇鑳斤紝瑕佸疄鐜拌繖涓?骇鑳藉繀椤讳繚璇佹病鏈変换浣曞共鎵板拰璐ㄩ噺鎹熻?銆?Of course, the actual production is not possible to meet this requirement, due to many factors, workshop equipment failure is substantial: for example, through equipment failure addition, alignment, and complete replacement of equipment in addition, the performance is very low when the device may affect productivity, resulting in defects, rework, etc..

聽聽聽 OEE鏄竴涓嫭绔嬬殑娴嬮噺宸ュ叿锛屽畠鐢ㄦ潵琛ㄧ幇瀹為檯鐨勭敓浜ц兘鍔涚浉瀵逛簬鐞嗚浜ц兘鐨勬瘮鐜囥? International on the OEE is defined as: OEE is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (overall equipment efficiency) of the abbreviation, it is by the availability, performance and quality index of three key elements, namely:
OEE = Availability X Performance X Quality Index.

Of which:
聽聽聽 鍙敤鐜?鎿嶄綔鏃堕棿 / 璁″垝宸ヤ綔鏃堕棿

It is used to take into account the losses caused by downtime, including downtime caused by planned production occurred in any event, such as equipment failures, material shortages and changes in production methods, etc..

Performance = Ideal Cycle Time / (operating time / total) = (production / operating time) / production rate

Performance considerations of loss of production speed. Including any lead to the production can not be run at maximum speed factors, such as wear and tear of equipment, material failure and operator error, etc..

聽聽聽 璐ㄩ噺鎸囨暟=鑹搧/鎬讳骇閲?br />
Mass index into account the loss of quality, it does not meet the quality requirements to reflect the products (including rework of products).

Use one of the most important objective of OEE is to reduce the existence of six general manufacturing losses: stop loss, Dress debugging loss, loss of suspended aircraft, slowing the loss, the loss and start the process of defective during normal operation of production losses arising from defective.涓嬮潰琛ㄦ牸鏄叚澶ф崯澶辩殑璇存槑鍙婂叾涓嶰EE鐨勫叧绯伙細

3, OEE calculation example

We give an example to illustrate the calculation of OEE:
Equipment located in a working day time 8h, classes planned downtime before 15min, downtime 30min, equipment adjustment 25min, product cycle theory of processing 0.6 min / piece, one day total of 450 processed products, there are 20 pieces of junk, find the station equipment OEE.

According to the above known:
Program running time = 8x60-15 = 465 (min)
Actual running time = 465-30-25 = 410 (min)
聽聽聽 鏈夋晥鐜?410/465=0.881(88.1%)
聽聽聽 鐢熶骇鎬婚噺=410(浠?
The actual running time of the ideal speed x = 1/0.6 x 410 = 683
Performance = 450/683 = 0.658 (65.8%)
聽聽聽 璐ㄩ噺鎸囨暟=锛?50鈥?0锛?450=0.955(95.5%)
OEE = efficiency x Performance x Quality Index = 55.4%

OEE system according to the data provided, you can easily know what problems the factory, for example, if you are efficient at a certain time is very low, indicating the six losses and OEE in the rate of loss can be related to too much trouble , then, clearly, you should focus on these areas to improve it!鍚屾牱锛屽鏋滆川閲忔寚鏁版垨鑰呰〃鐜版?瀵艰嚧浣犵殑OEE姘村钩闄嶄綆锛岄偅涔堜綘灏卞簲璇ユ妸鐩厜鏀惧湪鍜屽畠浠湁鍏崇殑闂鐐逛笂銆傚湪琛ㄤ竴涓紝鎴戜滑鍙垪涓句簡涓?簺浜嬩欢鍘熷洜锛屽湪瀹為檯搴旂敤涓畠鍙互鍖呮嫭鍜岀敓浜ф湁鍏崇殑浠讳綍鍘熷洜銆?br />
聽聽聽 涓栫晫鑼冨洿鐨勭爺绌惰〃鏄庯紝鐩墠鍒堕?涓氱殑骞冲潎OEE涓?0%.鍏ㄧ悆宸ヤ笟鐨凮EE骞冲潎娓存湜鍊煎簲璇ヤ负85%锛堜笘鐣岀骇OEE鎸囨暟锛夋垨鑰呮洿楂樸? Clearly, there are many current OEE index can increase the scope, especially in our country.

4, OEE Role

Practice shows that OEE is an excellent reference tool OEE model through the various sub-item analysis, it clearly tells you exactly how efficient equipment, which links in the production of the number of losses, and you can make those improvements. Long-term use of OEE tool, companies can easily find the impact of productivity bottlenecks and to improve and track. To achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, while enabling the company to avoid unnecessary cost.

聽聽聽 5銆丱EE鏁版嵁閲囬泦鏂规硶

OEE's calculation is simple, but in practical applications, as with the frequency, staff, equipment, products and other production elements together, they become very complex, using artificial data collection appears to trouble trouble OEE calculation, in order to more effectively The use of this tool OEE, OEE data collection of information increasingly become a topic of concern, OEE IMPACT is the world's best OEE system that has automated data acquisition module, you can easily obtain information about the production of equipment for the OEE provide the most valuable data, the system can also generate real-time production information reports, including failure downtime, OEE and other information and the products. Through these valuable data, the management company will no doubt become easier and simple. The system has many well-known companies in the world and is widely used, such as Peugeot, Ya-Lan Dai Shi Eaton auto parts and other cosmetics.

聽聽聽 [1] Robert C. Hansen. OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVRNESS .New York, New York: Industrial Press,2002.


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Diji Album

Diji Album software allows you to create electronic photo albums. Diji Album files resemble real photo albums and are just as fun and almost as easy to create. Diji Album exceeds other products by allowing complete control over the layout of your album pages, including multiple images, rich text, multimedia, headings and other objects. Diji Albums can be: Sent to friends and family as a highly-compressed or self-extracting album file, Distributed as auto-running CD-ROM's or Exported to HTML for publishing on the internet. Other Features: Dragging and dropping of images and text from explorer and other applications, Thumbnail image browser for the quick addition of images to your images to your album, Pasting of text and image from editing applications, Acquisition of images from digital cameras or scanners, Authentic photo album look including album cover and optional photo corners, Full text searching within your album, Printing of album pages, entire albums or selected images or text

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Youtube to ASX Pack

It's most popular and very easy to use YouTube tools. helps you Fast download, convert, play, manage your favorite YouTube videos. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll love YouTube tool! is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. YouTube tool easily: 1. Fast downloads YouTube videos, 2. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloads (a real time saver!), 3. Automatically names the downloaded video the same as the YouTube title, 4. Converts YouTube videos to various video formats, including Video, DVD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, Divx, Xvid, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, DAT, H264, VOB, Flash, PDA, M4V, 3G2, AMV, CDA, DV,QuickTime, ASX, TV, VHS, FLV, H264, BDMV, MAC, Apple TV, Zune, iPod, PDA, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Wii, Laptops, Printers, Palm OS, Pocket PC, PPC, Treo, Psion, EPOC, iphone.
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